Network Performance Testing: Your Questions, Answered

September 12, 2018

The FCC’s Wireline Competition Bureau (WCB) has established a uniform framework for testing the speed and latency performance (Network Performance Testing) for recipients of Connect America Fund (CAF) support who serve fixed locations. Failure to comply with the established Network testing rules and the required service performance obligations will result in a reduction in support.

Note: The FAQ is based on the original 2018 Framework. 

What do you need to know?

Download the FAQ for answers to:

  • Who has to comply with network performance testing?
  • Why do support recipients have to report performance?
  • What is the penalty for non-compliance?
  • What is involved in network performance testing?
  • How often does testing have to be performed?
  • What do I need to report?
  • When does reporting begin?
  • How frequently are results reported?
  • How many locations must be tested?
  • What solutions exist to collect performance testing information?


Download now:  VPS Guide: Network Performance Testing FAQ


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