Network Performance Testing: What it Means for You

September 13, 2018

The FCC’s Wireline Competition Bureau (WCB) has established a uniform framework for Network Performance Testing, which tests speed and latency performance for recipients of high-cost universal service support who serve fixed locations.

Here is what it means for you:

1. You’re almost certainly required to comply.
If your network receives high-cost support, you are probably required to submit network performance testing data. This includes CAF II auction winners, rate-of-return carriers, all A-CAM companies, rural broadband experiment support recipients, and Alaska Plan carriers. (There are a few exceptions; Contact us if you think this might be you.) Learn more in our 2018 memo here.

2. There are penalties for noncompliance.
These penalties may be enforced for both failing to comply with network testing rules, and for failing to prove required service performance obligations. Noncompliance will result in a reduction of support, proportionate with the level of noncompliance.

3. You don’t have as much time as you think.
Carriers and support recipients should act quickly to secure a testing solution in advance of these collection dates, in order to ensure both your testing procedures and your results are compliant.

4. This is not just a network issue.
Network Performance Testing is an interesting requirement, because it involves both the physical aspects of your network as well as your operation’s network compliance. Keep this in mind when selecting a performance testing solution – you want a solution that meets both the technical requirements and is regulation-friendly. Both your regulatory staff and your network operators will thank you.

5. There are benefits beyond compliance.
You may adopt performance testing as a regulatory requirement, but there are other benefits as well. In particular, performance testing is a means of monitoring your network for performance trends and troubleshooting any problems. Vantage Point has even had clients use this technology for competitive analysis.

6. Vantage Point can help.
Vantage Point has collected tens of thousands of performance testing results over the last several years, and has designed the BETTI Box to meet both your Network Performance Testing requirements and your operational needs. Click here to learn more, or get started in the form below.