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Memo: 8YY Access Charge Reform

October 15, 2020

8YY Access Charge Reform

Transition of 8YY Access Charges & Caps on Tandem Switched Transport & Database Query Charges.


On October 9, 2020, the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) released a Report and Order relating to 8YY Access Charge Reform. The Report and Order announced a transition of 8YY originating end office access charges to bill-and-keep over three years and, a transition to 8YY originating transport and originating tandem switching into a single nationwide tandem switched transport access service rate capped at $0.001 per minute. Further, the FCC will transition charges for the 8YY database queries needed to route all 8YY calls to $0.0002 over three years and prohibit carriers from charging for more than one such query per call. The transition to bill-and-keep for 8YY Access Charges was done by the FCC to curtail abuse of the 8YY intercarrier compensation regime and to preserve the value of toll-free services.

Download the full memo for additional detail on Transition Timelines, Recovery of Lost Revenue by Carriers During the Transition, and more.

VPS Memo - 8YY Access Charge Reform


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