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CPNI Training & Certification Available

February 7, 2022

All carriers offering voice services must certify training and treatment of CPNI data.

CPNI Certifications are due annually by March 1, and Vantage Point’s Consulting team is available with flexible solutions to help all impacted carriers.

All telecommunications carriers offering voice services, regardless of technology, are subject to the FCC Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) rules.  Among other things, the rules require carriers to train their employees on what CPNI is as well as when it can and cannot be used, accessed and/or disclosed.  Carriers are also required to file an annual certification attesting to the proper training and treatment of CPNI.

Vantage Point has developed several training options to meet carrier specific needs which includes a written manual as well as an “on demand” pre-recorded training solution.  On demand CPNI training provides flexibility allowing each employee to attend the training as their schedule permits.  In addition to training, Vantage Point can also assist with the annual CPNI certification filing to ensure full CPNI compliance from A to Z.

For questions or more information, contact:

  • Courtney Spears, Sr. Analyst – 830-895-7221
  • Wendy Harper, Sr. Analyst – 605-995-1756