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Memo: FCC Issues Report, Order, and FNPRM on Broadband Consumer Labels

November 18, 2022

ISPs Required to Display Broadband “Nutrition” Labels.

In the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) Report and Order dated November 17, 2022, the FCC adopts rules requiring broadband Internet service providers (“ISPs”) to display certain information regarding their Internet access service plans.

In 2021, President Biden signed into law the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (the “Act”) which directs the FCC to require ISPs to display form labels informing subscribers and potential customers about their broadband Internet access service plans. These labels are similar to “nutrition” type labels found on everyday grocery items. The FCC has established a standard for these form labels. The Act mandates the labels must make clear the offered introductory rate and what the subscriber or potential customer must pay after the introductory rate ends.

Download the full memo for additional information on Labeling Requirements, Label Appearance, When the Requirements Take Effect, and more.

VPS Memo - Broadband Consumer Labels


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