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Memo: Notify NECA of Common Line Pool Exit by November 17, 2023

November 1, 2023

Enhanced A-CAM Reminder

Legacy rate-of-return carriers (i.e., CAF-BLS carriers) who elected to receive Enhanced A-CAM (E-ACAM) support beginning January 1, 2024, must exit the National Exchange Carrier Association (NECA) Common Line pool. However, such carriers are permitted to continue tariffing non-pool rates for Common Line and consumer broadband-only loops (CBOL) with NECA. NECA must be notified of these elections by November 17, 2023.

Carriers that need to notify NECA of their Common Line pool exit and tariffing elections must do so on NECA’s website ( under My Applications > Tariff Elections – Enhanced A-CAM CL Tariff Options (login required).

Download the full memo for additional information.

VPS Memo - Enhanced A-CAM Common Line Exit


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