Snacks for Students

November 20, 2023

Vantage Point Solutions & Innovative Systems vs. Student Hunger

“…Teachers  are providing snacks to low-income students out of their own pockets. Some of these kids are basically getting their school lunch, and.. that’s it.”

Hungry students: That was the concern recently raised in Mitchell, SD, where both Vantage Point Solutions and

In just week 3 of the collection, Vantage Point staff contributed 4,900 individual items.

Innovative Systems are headquartered. A group of volunteers, already affiliated with school-based care, put out a call to the two companies: Hey, who d’ya think can help out more??

And the Student Snack Bar Challenge was born!

Over the course of three weeks, staff from both companies donated thousands of granola bars, cereal bars, and snack packages to help alleviate student hunger in our communities. All said and done, more than 8,700 units were donated!

Vantage Point took home bragging rights for this first year; more importantly, the companies have helped alleviate student hunger in our hometown.