VPS Network Alliance

Power in Partnership.

Marketing excess transport capacity can add to the bottom line without impacting core services. VPS Network Alliance leverages existing networks to serve larger transport opportunities.

Vantage Point Solutions’ Network Alliance combines multiple unique networks into a single, larger partnership network. Taken together, these networks are more attractive to circuit buyers and private network operators.

  • Stronger Together – Transport buyers want to move data from Point A to Point B as easily as possible. The VPS Network Alliance makes this easy by combining individual, independently-operated networks into a single managed route. For buyers, it’s just one call, one interface. For network operators, it’s a whole new world of opportunity.
  • Easy to Start – Joining the VPS Network Alliance is as simple as an initial data request, followed by annual updates.
  • Easy to Participate – Vantage Point Solutions helps find and field opportunities, organize the interested parties, and coordinates each agreement.
  • Trusted Partner – VPS Network Alliance is managed by the engineers and network specialists you trust, with the professional service and ethical business practices you’ve come to expect from Vantage Point Solutions.


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