VPS Leadership

Company Leadership – Every project is connected to a management team member. You’ll always know who to call.

Nathan Weber, P.E.

VP of Engineering

Julie Darrington

VP of Consulting

Doug Eidahl, J.D.

VP of Regulatory & Legal

Todd Sapp

VP of Outside Plant

Darren Dierbeck

Sr. VP of Customer Relations

Kevin Kloehn

VP of Customer Relations

Ginny Gardea

Director of Customer Relations

Robert Bengel

Director of Customer Relations

Karl Hochmuth

Director of Customer Relations

Paxton Davis

Manager of Customer Relations

Kristy Szabo

Director of Consulting

Quentin Flippin, P.E.

Director of Engineering

Carmen O’Neill, P.E.

Director of Engineering

Cullen Schimke

Director of OSP Operations

Lori Sherwood, J.D.

Director of Broadband Development

Natalie Reed

Banking Division Manager

Kelly Pfeifer

Customer Relations Manager

Jolyn Doering

Manager of Cost Issues

Mikaela Burma, J.D.

Manager of Regulatory& Legal

Lee Jager

Integration Services Manager

Andy Deinert

Network & Security Services Manager

Brian Enga, P.E.

Senior Technology Leader

Adam Fenski, P.E.

Senior Technology Leader

Kris Scheetz

CAD Manager

Stephen Morris, P.E.

Senior Technology Leader