BETTI Box: Performance Testing that Protects Your Support

UPDATE: The start date for Performance Testing has been pushed back for many carriers. Contact Vantage Point with any questions regarding your testing obligations.


Speed and Latency Performance Testing is mandatory for ALL high-cost support recipients.

Protect your support with BETTI Box by Vantage Point: Designed to meet FCC requirements, and built to meet your operational needs.


Broadband Evaluation, Testing, and Tracking Instrument

Protect your support with compliance made simple.

BETTI Box is a turn-key solution specifically designed to fulfill Network Performance Testing requirements – with minimal impact to your network or operation. BETTI Box is a combination of custom-built performance testing devices and a dedicated company portal, bringing you into compliance and giving you intelligence and insight into your network.

BETTI Box by Vantage Point is:

  • Easy to Use – Just plug it in and walk away
  • Field Tested – Vantage Point has performed hundreds of thousands of tests with this technology
  • Technology NeutralVendor agnostic and works on all networks
  • Responsive – Receive alerts if a test location goes offline or if a test fails
  • Secure – Equipment and portal are secure and encrypted
  • A Start to Finish Solution – Test data is certified by a Vantage Point Professional Engineer; filed on your behalf by our expert Consulting team; and backed by the full fleet of data network technicians.


We will protect your support. 

Failure to comply will result in a reduction or loss of all support. Most high-cost support recipients must report performance testing results.