NECA & BETTI Box: Performance Testing that Protects Your Support

Helping members keep customers connected – The National Exchange Carrier Association Inc. is a membership association of U.S. local telecommunications companies.  We are dedicated to helping members provide broadband-based solutions to keep their customers connected on advanced communications networks.

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Speed and Latency Performance Testing is mandatory for ALL high-cost support recipients.

Protect your support with BETTI Box by Vantage Point: Designed to meet FCC requirements, and built to meet your operational needs.


Broadband Evaluation, Testing, and Tracking Instrument

BETTI Box by Vantage Point is:

  • Easy to Use – Just plug it in and walk away
  • Field Tested – Vantage Point has performed hundreds of thousands of tests with this technology
  • Technology NeutralVendor agnostic and works on all networks
  • Responsive – Receive alerts if a test location goes offline or if a test fails
  • Secure – Equipment and portal are secure and encrypted
  • A Start to Finish Solution – Test data is certified by a Vantage Point Professional Engineer; filed on your behalf by our expert Consulting team; and backed by the full fleet of data network technicians.


We will protect your support. 

Protect your support with compliance made simple.

BETTI Box is a turn-key solution specifically designed to fulfill Network Performance Testing requirements – with minimal impact to your network or operation. BETTI Box is a combination of custom-built performance testing devices and a dedicated company portal, bringing you into compliance and giving you intelligence and insight into your network.

Failure to comply may result in a reduction or loss of all support. ALL high-cost support recipients must report performance testing results. Learn more about the Network Performance Testing requirement: CLICK HERE