CALEA (Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act) mandates that telecommunications companies ensure any communications traversing its network are available to law enforcement agencies that have obtained a subpoena for either call content or call data records. Our CALEA Trusted Third Party service provides live intercepts of packet data on behalf of our broadband Internet service provider clients when they receive a lawful intercept request.

Be confident that your network meets CALEA requirements with our economical solution. Our CALEA Trusted Third Party services include:

  • Technical and Regulatory Expertise
  • Cost-effective Solution for Small Operators
  • Monitor CALEA Rules and Regulations
  • FCC Form Filing
  • Network Readiness Assessment
  • Subpoena Request Processing and Management
  • CALEA Compliance Equipment (Mediation Devise and Probe)
  • Documentation/ Record Keeping
  • 24 Hour CALEA Contact
  • On-Site CALEA Compliance Verification

Adam Fenski
Sr. Technology Leader