COVID-19 Support

These resources are for Broadband Providers. For resources tailored to Financial Institutions, click here.

Now more than ever, Vantage Point stands with Rural Broadband providers.

As you navigate COVID-19 for your employee and customers, Vantage Point can help. These resources and services are available immediately:

Memo: COVID-19 Recommendations for Broadband Providers

Includes best practices for protecting employees; disaster recovery plans; pandemic checklists; and community support, as well as network support recommendations.

Network Operations Support

Should you encounter decreased staff availability, Vantage Point network experts are available for remote technical support for virtually. Available for individual project or via Synergy package.

Construction Continuity & Home Installations

Vantage Point has implemented new OSP and Integration Services practices and policies to support construction during the pandemic. If you need assistance with OSP or customer installations, Vantage Point crews are available.

Cybersecurity in a Distributed Environment

Cybersecurity is different with a remote workforce. Vantage Point’s network security team can help you keep your operations secure in a distributed environment.

Social Engineering Training

Scammers never waste a crisis, and are taking full advantage of the current situation. Arm your team and your customers with good Social Engineering protective practices.

Bandwidth Monitoring

Monitor your existing bandwidth to ensure you have adequate capacity and avoid network congestion. If you need assistance with bandwidth monitoring or securing additional capacity, please contact us.

VPN Capabilities

For companies who are shifting to work-from-home arrangements for their employees, you may need additional VPN licenses or other technical support. Vantage Point can assist in securing these if necessary.

Collaboration Tools

Zoom, WebEx, Microsoft Teams, and other collaboration tools can help maintain a semblance of “business as usual” while honoring social distancing measures. If your company would like assistance selecting, incorporating, or supporting these tools, Vantage Point can help.

Disaster Recover Planning

If you do not have a Disaster Recovery Plan, or if yours does not include contingencies for a pandemic, Vantage Point can assist you.

Something else?

Vantage Point is fully operational amid COVID-19, and available to support providers as they navigate these unusual times.

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