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  • Reply Comments Filed on Broadband Labels

    As rulemaking proceeds around the requirement for Broadband Nutrition Labels, Vantage Point continues to advocate for reasonable guidelines. In reply comments filed March 14, 2023, Jeff Smith, Mikaela Burma, JD, and Dereck DeVries argue that requiring languages not used in the service territory is a step too far. Further, as Vantage …Read More >
  • Vantage Point Recognized for Industry Impact

    Calix announced the honor at their annual ConneXions event. Vantage Point was honored to receive the Partner Impact Award from Calix at the annual ConneXions event, October 2022. The award recognizes Vantage Point’s “substantial positive impact on customers and the industry,” according to a Calix release. The award also notes …Read More >
  • Vantage Point Congratulates Leigh Boulware on CRCM

    Vantage Point Solutions is thrilled to congratulate Leigh Boulware, of our Banking Division, on earning the designation of Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager from the American Bankers Association. Leigh is a key member of Vantage Point’s Banking division where she works with banks and credit unions across the country on their …Read More >

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LEO Satellites: What do they mean for Rural?

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  • Memo: USDA Officially Releases Details on the Community Connect Grant Program

    Application window opened March 20, 2023. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has released the highly anticipated details for the Community Connect Grant Program. The Community Connect Program will provide up to $79M in grant funding to construct broadband networks that provide service on a community-oriented connectivity basis in …Read More >
  • Memo: Supply Chain Data Collection (SCDC) Annual Report due March 31, 2023

    The Secure and Trusted Communications Networks Act of 2019 established the requirement for providers of Advanced Communications Services to report and certify annually information regarding purchasing, renting or leasing any equipment from the FCC’s Covered List of equipment or services that are deemed to pose a threat to national security …Read More >
  • Memo: STIR/SHAKEN Implementation on IP Portions of Network due June 30, 2023

    With the small provider two-year extension coming to an end June 30, 2023, it is important that you analyze your network as soon as possible to identify and implement STIR/SHAKEN on all IP portions of your network. STIR/SHAKEN implementation can take a minimum of 90+ days. Depending on your STIR/SHAKEN …Read More >
  • Memo: Texas Broadband Development Office Publishes $120M Broadband Infrastructure NOFA

    On March 6, 2023, the Texas Broadband Development Office (BDO) published a Notice of Funds Availability (NOFA) for an initial round of grants for Broadband Infrastructure Projects in Texas. The funding is being made available through the Bringing Online Opportunities to Texas (BOOT) program. This first round of funding will …Read More >
  • Memo: High Cost Universal Broadband & Performance Measures Module Reminders

    Carriers receiving modernized Connect America Fund (CAF) support must file High-Cost Universal Broadband (HUBB) deployment data via USAC’s HUBB portal by March 1, 2023. Failure to report deployment locations may result in funding being withheld. Here are the steps your company needs to complete to remain in compliance: Load 2022 …Read More >
  • Memo: BDC Fabric Challenges due March 15, 2023

    Public Notice released on January 25, 2023. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced Fabric challenges submitted before March 15, 2023 should be included in the June 2023 Fabric. Additional information is available in the Public Notice. The Broadband Data Task Force recommends all new Fabric challenges to be submitted are …Read More >
  • Memo: FCC Form 477 Sunset Update

    The FCC Form 477 Sunset Order was published in the Federal Register on December 16, 2022. No further FCC Form 477 filings will be required. The Commission will continue to collect broadband and voice subscription data but filers will submit the data through the Broadband Data Collection (BDC) portal. On …Read More >
  • Memo: USAC New Performance Measures Samples Required

    Carriers participating in the listing of programs below are required to log into the USAC Performance Measures Module (PMM) via the USAC E-File site at Universal Service Administrative Company and obtain new random samples for speed and latency testing. New sample locations MUST be obtained and used beginning first quarter …Read More >
  • Memo: Broadband Label Order Effective January 17, 2023

    FCC seeks further comments; Upcoming OMB approval will start compliance countdown. With Friday’s publication in the Federal Register of the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) recent Report and Order and Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (the Order), the cycle for further comments on additional information to be included on the broadband …Read More >
  • Memo: Sunset of FCC Form 477

    FCC Order released December 9, 2023. On December 9, 2022, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released an Order announcing the sunset of the FCC Form 477 effective immediately upon publication of the Order in the Federal Register. The FCC will continue to collect broadband and voice subscription data, but it …Read More >