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Caller ID Authentication Second Report & Order Also known as STIR/SHAKEN. Summary The FCC released its Second Report and Order on caller ID authentication requirements also known as STIR/SHAKEN on October 1, 2020. A few of the Order highlights are the extension of the STIR/SHAKEN implementation deadline from June 30, 2021 to June 30, 2023...Read More >

8YY Access Charge Reform Transition of 8YY Access Charges & Caps on Tandem Switched Transport & Database Query Charges. Summary On October 9, 2020, the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) released a Report and Order relating to 8YY Access Charge Reform. The Report and Order announced a transition of 8YY originating end office access charges to...Read More >

FCC Designation of 988 – 3-Digit Dialing for Suicide Prevention Effective for all carriers July 16, 2022. Reminder As a follow up to the August 13, 2020 Vantage Point Memo, we would like to remind carriers of their obligations to implement 988 3-digit dialing effective July 16, 2022. All service providers will be required to...Read More >

911 Reliability Certification The Annual 911 Reliability Certification is due October 15, 2020. Beginning October 15, 2015, all “Covered 911 Service Providers” are required to certify annually that they have taken reasonable measures to provide reliable 911 service related to (1) 911 circuit diversity, (2) central office backup power, and (3) diverse network monitoring. The...Read More >

Lifeline Supported Services Minimum Standards New standards take effect December 1,  2020. On July 31, 2020, the FCC released a Public Notice announcing the new Lifeline Minimum Standards that will take effect on December 1, 2020: Fixed Broadband: 25/3 Mbps with 1024 GB of usage per month Exception: If 25/3 Mbps is unavailable at the...Read More >

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Why Password Length is More Important than Complexity In today’s digital world, we access sensitive information and systems frequently. Administrators protect sensitive systems from unauthorized access by implementing some form of authentication mechanism, which requires users to prove their identity before being granted access. There are three primary methods of authentication: something you know, something...Read More >

PsyberSecurity: Where Computer Security Meets Psychology We have all heard stories of computers being hacked, but did you know that your brain can also be hacked? High-tech computer hacking can be difficult, especially when the target organization has invested many resources into cybersecurity technologies. Because of this difficulty, many cyber-attackers have discovered that it is...Read More >

Your Computer May Be More Valuable to an Attacker than You Think We hear so much about data breaches and cyber attacks these days. Learning that hackers exposed millions of credit card numbers or other pieces of personal information seems to happen more and more. Even large companies with well-funded security such as Facebook, Microsoft,...Read More >

Robert Bengel, Director of Customer Relations, has announced his decision to retire effective June 12, 2020. Robert served the Southwest region of the United States for Vantage Point Solutions. His career spanned the industry and the country, having worked with clients on data services, business analysis, OC-12/48/192 long haul equipment, PBX equipment, billing and OSS/GIS,...Read More >

Paxton will serve clients in the Southeast following the retirement of his father, Farley Davis. Vantage Point Solutions is pleased to announce the addition of Paxton Davis to the Customer Relations team. Paxton will work remotely from Greeneville, South Carolina, assisting telecom and broadband providers in the Southeastern region of the United States following the...Read More >

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