Business Solutions

The realities of running your company rely on sound business decisions and guidance. Vantage Point can help you plan the future of your company with strategies that will clarify your management decisions.


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Financial AnalysisVPS’ team of highly skilled financial analysts are eager to review your company’s financials. We’ll keep your focus on the bottom line with a variety of detailed tools for financial planning.Kristy Szabo
Director of Consulting
Video AssistanceOur experienced team has expertise with procuring video content for existing and new video enterprises, including developing channel lineups, competitor analysis, National Cable Television Cooperative (NCTC) contract issues, and negotiating direct contracts with independent video programmers.Wendy Harper
Senior Analyst
Mergers & AcquisitionsWhether you are considering a merger or acquisition to either expand your current operations or get out of the business, Vantage Point has seasoned experts who are able to assist you with navigating each step of the process. From completing a valuation to determine a fair market value, conducting due diligence, submitting an offer to the full transition of the operations, our experienced team will ensure each step is completed accurately and efficiently. Doug Eidahl
VP of Legal & Regulatory