Regulatory Solutions

The list of regulatory reports and filings gets larger every year. Keeping track of deadlines, formats, requirements, and penalties can distract key personnel form the important work of running your company. Vantage Point can help.


Our industry-leading team is comprised of highly-skilled regulatory consultants who have many years of industry experience completing a wide variety of federal, state, NECA, and USAC regulatory reports. We focus on strategic factors, and are heavily engaged in national policy and regulatory activity; so we understand the long-term impact your filings can have on your company.


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CostOur experienced team understands the complex cost issues and intricacies of each company. We will help you understand how these cost issues affect your company and strategically guide your staff through this everchanging regulatory environment. Jolyn Doering
Manager of Cost Issues
FilingsThe Vantage Point team understands the complexities and nuances of each report and filing. We will help you understand what these reports mean, strategically, for your company. Mara Vasile
Senior Analyst
Policy AnalysisThe FCC, state commissions, Congress and state legislatures set telecom policy by laws and rules that govern our industry. VPS can provide you the essential expert guidance to understand these laws and rules and how they impact your business today and into the future. Especially, proposed, new and changing policy. VPS will strategically guide you through the recent tsunami of regulatory changes. Doug Eidahl
VP of Legal & Regulatory