Strategic Solutions

With our broad industry view, experienced team, and industry engagement, Vantage Point can help your company chart a course to unprecedented success. Our strategic solutions include:


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RDOF & Other AuctionsVantage Point is the industry leader in assisting rural providers with FCC auctions. We have had unprecedented success in every major FCC auction of the last decade.Troy Eilts
Senior Analyst
Strategic Planning & ReviewsEvery company has specific priorities and unique characteristics that require reevaluation annually. Our team of experienced consultants are ready to take your strategic planning to the next level. Doug Eidahl
VP of Legal & Regulatory
Grant & Loan AssistanceVantage Point’s team of consultants has worked with hundreds of companies acquiring grants and loans making their build out visions are reality. Kristy Szabo
Director of Consulting
Broadband Feasibility ReportsOur experts can examine your market and your goals to help you answer the question "What's the best way to improve broadband in our area?"Kristy Szabo
Director of Consulting