February 12, 2021
Published February 2021 In the recent auction, RDOF funds were awarded to fixed wireless technologies at the Gig tier. But can fixed wireless technology deliver Gigabit performance in Rural America? Vantage Point CEO Larry Thompson authored a widely-renowned whitepaper examining that exact question. This whitepaper was submitted to the FCC as part of the NTCA’s...Read More >

February 7, 2020
Feb. 7, 2020: FCC Releases RDOF Order The FCC has just released the Report and Order previously approved at the January 30 open meeting; the full document is linked here. The Vantage Point Consulting and Engineering teams are actively reviewing this Order for any significant changes, surprises, or declarations. If you wish to receive a...Read More >

February 5, 2020
RDOF: What’s Happening Now? Vantage Point has fielded several inquiries about the status of RDOF since the FCC’s January 30 meeting. Here we are providing an update about what is happening now, what to expect next, and what steps you can be taking at this time. What’s happening now Last week the FCC voted to...Read More >

March 27, 2019
Vantage Point Solutions is pleased to announce the hiring of Mikaela Burma, JD, who has joined the Vantage Point team as Manager of Legal and Regulatory. Burma assumed her duties March 18, assisting VPS telecom and broadband clients with regulatory and legal matters. “Mikaela has great legal skills in contract drafting and review, negotiations, great...Read More >

July 12, 2018
The FCC’s Wireline Competition Bureau (WCB) has established a uniform framework for testing the speed and latency performance for recipients of high-cost universal service support who serve fixed locations. Testing results will be submitted as a part of carriers’ annual compliance certifications. Failure to comply with the established Network testing rules and the required service...Read More >

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