Give yourself peace of mind about your network’s integrity. Vantage Point’s security team stays abreast of emerging IT risks to help you face the increasing challenge of protecting your business operations and customer information.

Our customized solutions include:
IT Audits and General Controls Review
IT Policies Creation and Review
Onsite and Remote Internal Vulnerability Assessment, including device configuration, patch compliance, and malware detection assessments
Annual, Quarterly, or Monthly External Penetration Testing
Social Engineering Assessment and Training
Wireless Security Assessment
Network Configuration Assessment, including VoIP Readiness Assessment
IT Risk Assessment Assistance
Cybersecurity Assessment Tool (CAT) Assistance
Information Security Committee Consulting

Social Engineering

Social Engineering Assessments – Social engineering involves several methods of gaining unauthorized access to your financial institution. Some methods are highly technical and some are not. Each method relies heavily on human interaction and often involves tricking employees to break normal security procedures. We perform a variety of social engineering assessments to test your employees or your data center. These tests can be conducted separately, in any combination, or in their entirety.

Phishing Emails
Ransomware Readiness
Physical Impersonations
Media Dropping
SMS Testing
Social Media Presence
Physical Security Assessment
Security Awareness Training

Security Awareness Training

Face this ever-growing security threat with confidence. Preparing your employees is equally important to testing and preparing your technology to withstand a cyber-attack. Vantage Point will educate your team and provide tools to defend non-technical security threats.