USF has established requirements for both model and rate-of-return carriers to report the geocoded coordinates of new broadband locations.

Vantage Point has collected thousands of geocode data points, and we have the experience to help you meet your reporting requirements. The first deadline to file geocoded coordinates for those locations is March 1, 2018. Companies failing to timely report geocodes for their newly-available broadband locations may permanently lose the opportunity to count those locations toward their deployment obligations.

It doesn’t matter if a location is a broadband subscriber, only whether or not service could be provided within 10 days if requested. That means your company may have more geocode-required locations within a census block than they have customers.



Model CompaniesMust file locations deployed in 2017 by March 1, 2018.
Locations deployed in 2016 and earlier need to be filed by March 1, 2019.
Rate-of-Return CompaniesMust file locations deployed in 2017 by March 21, 2018.
Must file locations deployed broadband between May 25, 2016 and December 31, 2016 by March 1, 2018.


Vantage Point has a cost-effective solution for both A-CAM and rate-of-return companies to collect the geocode information required by USAC. Our deliverable is highly accurate and works seamlessly with the HUBB portal, most billing software, even Google Earth – and has additional marketing advantages.


Nathan Weber
VP of Engineering