Central Office & Data Center Services

Data Center infrastructure is the backbone of a successful broadband deployment. Having a central office infrastructure that has been professionally designed and installed by VPS ensures your central office will function efficiently and effectively for immediate needs and for years to come. Vantage Point’s Field Services team brings years of industry experience and on-the-job expertise to ensure your Data Center/ Central Office meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

From equipment racks, cable rack, data cabinets, and fiber duct installation to electronics installation, commissioning, and cutover, our broad suite of services provides the foundation for your company to offer state-of-the-art advanced broadband services. Our skilled Integration Services technicians have the experience and expertise to assist your company in creating broadband optimized Data Center and Central Office environments.

Vantage Point Offers:
Central Office site surveys and assessments
Connectivity Diagrams
Grounding and Power Audits
Central Office Design & Layout
Fiber frame/ Fiber duct
Equipment rack and Cable rack
Data Cabinets
Central Office Electronics Installation
Miscellaneous Installation & Powering
Commissioning & Provisioning