Darren Dierbeck

Sr. VP of Customer Relations

A lifetime Midwesterner, Darren Dierbeck hails from Minnesota and is headquartered just outside the Twin Cities, where he can frequently be found on the lake or the golf course – but always working! Following a brief career playing D1 hockey, he graduated from University of St. Thomas in Minnesota, and worked in the telecom equipment area for several  years before co-founding Vantage Point in 2002.

In over two decades in the industry, Darren has helped clients navigate changes and growth.  His focus is leading Vantage Point in business development, marketing and customer service.

Darren is a committed volunteer within the industry, serving on many committees at the national level and also several states.  He works closely with broadband providers in the Midwest and South and manages the rest of the Customer Relations Team at VPS.