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VPS Introduces RDOF Concierge Prep Service

October 23, 2019

The Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) reverse auction, a $20.4 Billion broadband funding opportunity, will require substantial advance preparation for interested participants. Vantage Point Solutions is pleased to introduce the RDOF Concierge Prep Service, a package of information and services for broadband providers interested in the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund reverse auction. The Rural Digital…

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Memo: FCC Proposes Changes to Performance Testing Requirements

October 9, 2019

Order on Reconsideration to be considered at October 25th Open Commission Meeting. On October 4, 2019 the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) issued an Order on Reconsideration regarding Measuring CAF Recipients’ Broadband Performance (the requirement commonly referred to as “CAF Performance Testing” or “Performance Testing”) that clarifies and modifies certain portions and parameters of the Performance…

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Memo: Overview of Circulated FCC Order

November 27, 2018

Connect America Fund – Report and Order, FNPRM and Order on Reconsideration – WC Docket 10-90 The Federal Communications Commission (“Commission”) has released for circulation a draft Report and Order, Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking and Order on Reconsideration on the Connect America Fund (“FCC November 2018 Draft Order and NPRM”) in response to the…

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Telehealth Budget Increase: $571 Million Rural Health Care Program Cap

August 21, 2018

On June 19, 2018 the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) adopted procedures to meet the increased demand for funding from the Rural Health Care (RHC) Program. The RHC program promotes health care delivery and telemedicine in rural America. In the last five years telehealth technology has advanced and became more prevalent in rural areas. The RHC…

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Vantage Point exceeds $1.4 Billion in Loan and Grant Funding for Clients

February 5, 2018

With success in NY Grant program, Vantage Point exceeds $1.4 billion in broadband financing secured for clients. $1.4 billion, with a B. That’s the milestone recently crossed by Vantage Point Solutions measuring the loan and grant financing they have secured for clients. In the New NY Broadband Grant Program’s Phase 3 grants, announced January 31,…

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Vantage Point Files CAF II Comments with the FCC

September 19, 2017

On Monday, September 18, Vantage Point Solutions filed comments with the FCC on the upcoming CAF II auction rules. This auction will be one of the most complex auctions in the history of humankind, and shaping the rules of the process is critical to ensuring reasonable, well-developed, and effective procedures. To that end, there are…

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VPS Combined A-CAM ex parte letter 7-13-15 – REDACTED

July 20, 2017

Originally written July 13, 2015 Re: Connect America Fund, WC Docket No. 10-90 Broadband is a vital part of our modern economy, education, and everyday life. The FCC is to be commended for their efforts to achieve additional fiber deployment across rural America. At Vantage Point we’ve helped hundreds of rural telecommunications providers in more…

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VPS Refreshed Analysis on Model Accuracy

Originally filed January 5, 2016 Re: Connect America Fund, WC Docket No. 10-90 On July 13, 2015 Vantage Point Solutions filed an FCC ex parte letter examining the accuracy of the Alternative Connect America Model (A-CAM). The Vantage Point analysis compared results of the A-CAM “cost to serve” module to actual engineering data from 144 wire-center-wide fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP)…

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CAF II Auction

July 7, 2017

Summary Overview On March 2, 2017, the FCC released an order taking another step towards implementing the CAF II Auction. The FCC finalized the performance tier weightings, latency weightings, and how to calculate a bid score based on them. In the order the FCC clearly stated they want the auction process to be simple in…

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